Download PDF: [S] Meeting the Jinn (Islamic story)

There is no doubt that a flower which is broken from its stem only survives and lives for a few days. It eventually dies.  However, it is reported that Hadrat Sayyiduna Ebrahim Khawwaas – may Allah be pleased with him – had a few flowers with him which had remained fresh for many years. Where did he get these flowers? He states:


On one Hajj journey I was in the company of a certain caravan. Suddenly, I had this urge to separate from the main caravan and travel on my own on a completely different road. I continued to walk on this path for nearly three days and three nights. Surprisingly, during all of this time, I felt no need for water or food and also felt no need for anything else.


Suddenly, I came to a lush and green orchard. It was decorated with beautiful plants and had flowers everywhere. There was also a beautiful well in the middle of this orchard. I thought to myself that this looked like a part of Jannah. (In other words, the beauty of this orchard had taken him by surprise). In this place, I met a group of people whose faces were like humans (but a bit stranger), they also had beautiful looking clothing which were very refined in appearance. They took me into their company. They greeted me and I returned the greeting. I then thought that indeed these people seemed to be Jinn.


One of them said to me, “We are confused about a certain issue. We are from the nation of Jinn. We had heard the Qur’an directly from Sayyiduna Rasoolullah – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – during Laylatul Uqbah. We are so captivated by the blessed words of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – that we divorced ourselves from all wordily activities. This place has been allocated to us.”


I then asked them how far my companions were from this place. One of them smiled and said, “O Abu Ishaq! This place where you find yourself inis one of the deep secrets of Allah Almighty. Besides one other human, no one has ever appeared at this place. He arrived here and he passed away here as well. They then pointed to a grave. It was near the well and it was surrounded with fresh flowers which had sweet fragrance coming from them.”


The same Jinn then informed me, “The distance between you are your friends can be calculated in months.”


I then asked them about the person in the grave.


They explained, “Once we were sitting on one corner of the well discussing the issue of true love when suddenly a person appeared in front of us. He then greeted us. We asked him where he had come from and he said that he had come from Nishaapur. We then asked him for how long had he travelled and he mentioned to us that he had travelled for seven days. We then asked him the reason for leaving his house and recited the 39th verse of surah Zumur to us. This explained that one should turn to Allah Almighty and bow down in front of Him before the punishment of Allah Almighty overtakes you.


“We then asked him about ‘Inaabat’ or seeking forgiveness and turning to Allah Almighty. He replied that it meant that one should totally surrender to Allah Almighty. We asked him what was ‘Tasleem’ or acceptance. He replied that it was to give one’s life to Him. And to think that Allah Almighty is more entitled for it. We then asked him about ‘azaab’ or punishment. However, instead of answering our question, he screamed out aloud and gave away his life.”


When I heard this, I was extremely surprised. I then approached the grave and on the grave there was a garland of narcissus. On the grave, the following words were recorded, ‘This is the friend of Allah who has been slain through true love’. At that spot, I also found a piece of paper on which the issue of Inaabat was explained. I then read out the contents of this letter. These people then asked me to explain its contents. I then explained the contents and they were extremely pleased and overjoyed. They then mentioned that they had even received the answer to their question.”


Shaikh Ebrahim Khawwaas – may Allah be pleased with him – mentions that, “After that I felt an extreme urge to sleep. And when I opened my eyes. I noticed that I near Masjid-e-Ayesha. I also had in my possession the garland of narcissus which were still fresh.”


It is recorded that these flowers remained with the great Shaikh for a very long period. However, one year later, it mysteriously disappeared. (Ar Roud Al Faa’iq)