Download PDF: [S] Living like non-Muslims in the West (Islamic story)

The person in this story was someone named Abdul Aziz. Abdul Aziz was in London and while in his hotel, he was finding it difficult to get sleep. At the same time, outside, there was a severe wind and even the windows of the hotel were closing and opening on their own. This hotel was situated near the river Thames. He decided that he would take a small walk and perhaps through this, he would be able to get sleep when he returned to the hotel.


As Abdul Aziz left the hotel, there a slight snow storm outside and he decided to carry his umbrella with him as well. Bear in mind that he was someone who always carried an umbrella. When he was in his city, he used to carry an umbrella to protect himself from the immense heat. In other words, Abdul Aziz came from the blessed city of Mecca Shareef and in this city, he was using the same umbrella to protect himself from the snow falling above.


As Abdul Aziz walked along the road, he could see a public park in the distance and decided to sit in this park for a few minutes.


While Abdul Aziz was sitting on the bench, he noticed a body laying a few feet away from him and he got a great shock when he saw this. He did not know whether the person was dead or alive. He then fearfully approached the body and shook it. Suddenly, the person awoke from his sleep. Abdul Aziz noticed that there was a strong smell of alcohol coming from this person. He tried to pick him up but once or twice this person fell on the ground as we was too drunk to wake up himself.


When this person finally awoke, he began to insult Abdul Aziz in Arabic and Abdul Aziz realised that this person was also from Arabia. Abdul Aziz then finally managed to drag this person to his hotel room and when the man awoke in the morning, he said that his name was Abdul and that he was married to a very evil lady. That is the reason that he was in this state.


Finally, he invited Abdul Aziz to his house and when they arrived there, a lady opened the door who was in full Pardah. Abdul Aziz was shocked because he had been given the impression by her husband that this lady was the devil herself.


Eventually, after having breakfast, Abdul mentioned that he wanted Abdul Aziz to be a witness to his story. However, before he could say anything, the young lady began to reveal her story.


She mentioned that they were both from Jeddah and after they had married, her husband started drinking and had lost his Islamic identity. He had also ordered her to come to clubs and bars and because she had refused since she came from an Islamic environment, he had begun to abuse her and start to call her all types of names.


Abdul Aziz then listened to her husband who was also agreeing to whatever his wife was saying and they decided to make Abdul Aziz a witness that this would certainly change in the future. When he left their house, he noticed they were changed people. He also made sure that he kept himself informed of their progress and when he once visited London, the husband was in hospital. The wife was also there in full Pardah taking care of her husband.


Such is the state of people in the world today. We notice that sadly when Muslims arrived in Western countries, most of them completely ignore their Islamic culture and begin to live like non-Muslims. They even consider this as a sign that they have become very modern. But they do not understand that the most modern religion in the world is Islam. Islam has taught humans how to be proper humans while the West still lives in the days of ignorance.

We find that many people spread false notions about Islam and give the impression that Islam teaches husbands to abuse their wives. Yet, when we see the statistics of divorce today, we will find that the highest number of divorces appear in the Western world. This clearly proves that they have no religion which guides them in their daily living. There is also no doubt that when people willingly leave the teaching of Islam, it would certainly create massive upheaval in the home and environment.