Download PDF: [S] Lessons on Zuhd

Ibn Abid Dunya through a long chain of narrators’ record from Hadrat Sayyiduna Malik bin Dinaar – may Allah be pleased with him – who has stated that, “If I am given land from this spot until Khuraasan merely for the price of camel dung or merely for the price of a date seed, still too, I will not be joyous.” On another occasion he used to mention the name of two other places and after saying this, he used to look at those he was addressing and say, “If I am saying this merely (as a lip service) to you, then indeed I am very unfortunate.” (Hulyatul Awliyah)


Ibn Abid Dunya reports for Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdul Waahib Zaid – may Allah be pleased with him – who mentioned on many occasions that, “If I am given all the gardens and orchards of Basrah for a mere two coins, then too, I will not be joyous about this.”


Ibn Abid Dunya reports from Hadrat Abu Sulayman – may Allah be pleased with him – who has stated that, “That person in whose heart there is still wishes and desires, he should not display his ‘zuhd’ in front of people. Yes, if he has no more material desires in his heart, then he is allowed to display his zuhd in front of people. The reason is that to wear this Jubbah is a sign of a zaahid. Still too, it is advisable that the person hides his true identity from the people and wear two ordinary pieces of cloth.”


He has also mentioned that, “You do not feel ashamed that you display such pious clothing which is only valued at three Dirhams and yet, in your heart you have an urge for five Dirhams.”


Ibn Abid Dunya reports from another Saint who has mentioned that the true intention of a zaahid is his attribute of zuhd is to keep his heart and only think of the Hereafter.


Ibn Abid Dunya The same reports from Hadrat Sayyiduna Mohammed bin Waas’i – may Allah be pleased with him – that once someone asked him for advice and he said to the person, “You should try to become a ruler of the Hereafter and the world.” The person asked him how this was possible and he replied, “Pay no attention to the world.”


Ibn Abid Dunya reports from Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Mohammed Khuzaa’i – may Allah be pleased with him – who mentions that once someone approached a zaahid and asked him why he was weeping. The zaahid replied, “I have received news of your zuhd.” The other Saint replied, “In spite of this, I do not consider myself a greater zahid than you. When the Saint asked how he thought in this fashion, he replied, “You have turned away from Jannah and all the blessings within it and I have turned away from the world knowing that it will eventually be destroyed and Allah Almighty has condemned the world. Hence, you are greater than me in zuhd.”