Download PDF: [S] Khidr brings Food in the Desert (Islamic story)

It is mentioned that once there was a Saint who spent most of his time in the barren wilderness of the desert in the Ibadah of Allah Almighty. Once, during this time, he had the urge to eat some hot food and bread. But after a while, he thought that the beans which he wanted to eat was only found in Iraq and this place was hundreds of miles away from Iraq, hence he forgot about it.


Suddenly, he heard someone who appeared as an Arab calling out, “I have hot Baaqilah (a special type of bean or sprout only found in Iraq) and hot bread with me”.


This Saint then approached the person and asked him whether he really had this food with him and the person replied that indeed he had this food with and asked the Saint to spread his cloth on the floor. He was then forced by this person to take out three helpings so that his hunger would be completely satisfied. The Saint then looked at this stranger and asked him to reveal his identity. The stranger replied that he was Khidr and then disappeared.



It is mentioned that once during a journey, Hadrat Sayyiduna Ebrahim Khawaas – may Allah be pleased with him – experienced immense thirst and actually fell unconscious. He awoke when he realised that someone was sprinkling water on his face. He saw a very handsome young man who was sitting on a horse. The young man then gave him some water to drink and made him sit on the horse with him. A few minutes later, Hadrat Sayyiduna Ebrahim Khawaas – may Allah be pleased with him – realised that they were entering Madina Shareef. The young man then said to him, “Please go and also convey my Salaam to the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – and inform him that Khidr has also conveyed his Salaams.” (Roud Ar Riyaheen)