Download PDF: [S] Du’a for a Heretic

Another interesting event which took place is when the heretic, Bashar bin Ghiyas Murisi, died. Only one person attended his funeral. The name of this person was Ubaid Shonezi. In fact, when he returned from the funeral, some of the ‘Ulama scolded him for taking part. In fact, they said to him that he claimed to be a member of the Ahle Sunnah Wa Jamaah but he had attended the funeral of a heretic and apostate.


In reply, he told them, “Please give me a chance to explain. I will explain to all of you what reward I was able to achieve by attending the funeral of this heretic. In fact, I do not think that I have attained so much of reward before. When they placed the body of the heretic in his grave, I made Du’a for him in the following words, ‘O Allah This is someone who never believed that anyone would see You on the Day of Judgement. O Allah! When the believers are blessed with seeing You, please make sure that this heretic never sees You. O Allah! This person did not believe in punishment in the grave. O Allah, please give him such punishment in his grave which You have never given anyone before. O Allah, this person used to refute the idea of accountability on the Day of Judgement, therefore, on the Day of Judgement, make his scale of good deeds very little indeed. O Allah, this person used to refute the idea of intercession (of Shafaa’at), therefore, on the Day of Judgement, please make sure that no one’s intercession on his behalf is accepted.” When they heard this, all the Ulama present had a good laugh about it. (Taarikh Baghdad).


Note: This story has also been recorded by Imam Abu Shaamah Shahaabudeen Abu Mohammed Shafi – may Allah be pleased with him – in his treatise Du’us Saari ilaa Ma’rifat Ru yatu Al Bari. (Mohammed Abdul Hakeem Sharf Qaderi – may Allah be pleased with him)