Download PDF: [S] Husband Protect Wife’s Dignity (Islamic story)

Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Abdullah Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Moosa – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates the following incident. He narrates:


Once, I was in the city of Rai, (which is present day Tehran) in the court of the Qadi Moosa bin Ishaaq – may Allah be pleased with him. The Qadi was busy solving the legal issues of many people who were present. At the same time, there was a female in Pardah who was brought to the court. Her claim was that her husband had not given her the Mehr which was five hundred Dinaars.


When this question was asked to the husband, he completely rejected this and claimed that he had indeed given his wife this Mehr of five hundred Dinaars and therefore, this claim of his wife had no basis.


The Judge then asked the wife to bring any witnesses she had and these people were then brought into the court. One of the witnesses said that before he gives his evidence, he wanted to see the face of the lady so that after recognizing her, he could present his evidence. He then approached this lady so that he could see her face.


The husband who was standing on one side was looking at what was happening. However, before this lady could even remove her veil, the husband shouted that his wife had made a right claim and he did indeed owe her the Mehr.


The case had to be closed and the decision was given in favour of the wife. However, before the wife could leave the court, she also proved her Islamic honesty and upbringing. She said to the Qadi, “Please bear witness that I have forgiven this Mehr which is Waajib upon me”.


In other words, such was the Islamic conscious of both the husband and wife that they continued to maintain their Islamic identity and were not prepared to sacrifice this for a mere five hundred Dinaars. (Uyunul Hikaayah)