Download PDF: [S] Awliya are Alive in the Grave (Islamic Story)

Muhaddith Abu Na’eem narrates from Muslim Jundi who mentions that once the eminent Hafiz of Hadith, Imam Ta’us – may Allah be pleased with him – gave advice to his son just before he could pass away, “O my son when I am buried, make a small hole in my grave and look inside. If you do not find me in my grave, then make Shukr to Allah and Praise the Allah Almighty. If you do find me in my grave and you should sadly recite Inna lillaahi.”


After they buried Hadrat Sayyiduna Imam Ta’us – may Allah be pleased with him – and his son looked into his blessed grave, he turned to the people to declared, “The body of my father is not in the grave.” (Sharahus Sudur, 82)


This also proves beyond a shadow of doubt that the friends of Allah Almighty are certainly alive in their graves both physically and also spiritually. (Ruhani Hikaayah)