Download PDF: [S] A Muslim who died a Christian (Islamic Story)

Hadrat Sayyiduna Imam Abu Mohammed – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates that there was once three brothers who were very pious. They decided to travel for Hajj without any provisions having complete trust in Allah Almighty.


On the road, they passed a Christian village and decided to rest there for a while. One of them happen to see a pretty Christian female and became infatuated by this female. He then made an excuse that he could not travel further. His two friends then continued on the journey.


This young man then approached the father of the girl and asked him for his daughter in marriage. His would be father-in-law mentioned that the Mehr for this marriage would be very high. When he asked what the Mehr was, the old man replied that he would have to give up Islam and accept Christianity. He gladly accepted this condition. He then married this female and they had children. At the end of the day, this person also died as a Christian.

A few years later, when his two friends were passing the same village, they were told what had happened to their former friend. They then decided to visit the cemetery where this person was buried and they found that this person’s wife and children were standing next to the grave weeping. When they saw this, they also began to weep. Obviously, the lady was surprised and asked the reason for their weeping. They then mentioned the years of Ibadah this person had performed and they were sad to see that he had ended his life in this manner. When the lady heard about the past life of her husband, she suddenly felt a close connection to Islam and immediately accepted Islam with her two children.


Hadrat Sayyiduna Shaikh Abu Mohammed – may Allah be pleased with him – again warns the Muslims about the Secret Divine Decree of Allah Almighty and that as Muslims, we should always be cautious and not take everything for granted. Here were two startling examples. One was born a Kaafir and died as a Muslim and the other was born a Muslim and died as a Kaafir.


It is also sad to see that there are so many Muslims who have become victims of this mundane world. They may appear to be Muslims but in actually they are nothing but servants of the Satan. The Qur’an has clearly informed us that the riches of this world are little compared to the Hereafter, yet, we ignore this and run after little objects which will not even accompany us to the grave.


When we look around, we will see that Muslims are been oppressed all over the world, but we would rather choose to be good friends of the West instead of helping the poor Muslims. When someone tells us about the oppression of the Muslims in Burma or Myanmar, we say that this is another country and we should not interfere. Very soon, when the Day of Judgement appears, you will see where this statement takes you. The Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – has said that the Muslim nation is like one body and when one part feels sick, the rest of the body also feels the pain. But we say, no it is another country. What happens when Allah Almighty will say to you that since this was another nation, therefore you are another nation and therefore join those in Hell whom you considered as friends instead of the Muslims. What will your answer be at that time?