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AlaHazrat (The person of a very high station):

He is known by this famous title during his lifetime and has been known to be AlaHazrat and will be Allah-willing always recognized as such.  As evident from the issues of the monthly magazine Tohfa Hanafiyya (Patna) that he was referred as AlaHazrat in the year 1323 AH – 1905 AD for the first time.

It becomes evident from the pages of his Fatawa Razvia that his disciples referred to him as AlaHazrat.  It can be found in the 6th volume of Fatawa Razvia in the booklet entitled “Hujbul Awaar An Makhdoomi Bihaar”.


Mujaddid Me’ate Haadhira (The Current Century’s Reviver of Islam)

Although Mujaddid is not a title but a position held by very few scholars of Islam for their tremendous effort to serve Islam and revive the beautiful and pure religion of the Holy Prophet – may Allah send peace and blessings upon him – as he has stated in his blessed Hadeeth:

“There will always be in my nation a group who will safeguard the truth until the day of resurrection comes”

(Haakim’s Mustadrak)

“Allah shall send for this Ummah at the head of every hundred years a person who shall revive their religion for them”

(Abu Dawood, Haakim, Baihaqi)

Once during a conference in Patna, he was addressed by the title of “Mujaddid” by Hazrat Maulana Abdul Muqqtadir Badayuni in the presence of illustrious scholars of the time as:

“His eminence, the scholar of Ahlus Sunnah, the current century’s reviver of Islam, Hazrat Maulana Ahmed Raza Khan Saheb Bareilvi.”

(Page 5, Dabdaba-e-Sikandari, Rampur, 11 October 1948)

(P 11, Chaudahween Sadi ke Mujaddid by Malekul Ulama Allama Zafruddin Bihari)


Mujaddide Azam  (The greatest reviver):

The crown of the Ashrafi family of Kachocha Shareef Hazrat Muhaddithe Azam Allamah Sayyed Muhammad Mian referred to Imam Ahmed Raza as “Mujaddide Azam”.

(P 241 Al-Meezan Number)


Muhaddithe Bareilvi (The Hadeeth Master of Bareily):

Prof. Dr. Mas’ood Ahmed was the first to address him as Muhaddithe Bareilvi and published a book entitled by this title of his and later, many other writer in Pakistan began to refer to him as Muhaddithe bareilvi.


Faqeehul Asr (The Jurist of his time):

The case of this title goes as above.


Imam-e-Na’t Goyan (The leader of people in praising RasoolAllah – may Allah send peace and blessiongs upon him):

Maulana Akhtarul Haamidi of Karachi has referred to Imam Ahmed Raza as “Imam-e-Na’t Goyan”.

(Aina-e-Razviyyaat Vol. 1)


Qibla-e-Ahle Dil (Qiblah of Ahle Dil):

Dr. Naseem Quraishi of Aligarh Muslim University has written “Qibla-e-Ahle Dil” for the great Imam.

(P 549 Al-Meezan, Imam Ahmed Raza Bareilvi Number)