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The first person to migrate to Madina Shareef from among Bani Makhzum was Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Salamah Abdullah bin Abdul Asad – may Allah be pleased with him. One year before the Bay’at of Uqbah, he decided to migrate to Madina Shareef with his wife and little child because of the oppression of the Quraish. Prior to this, he had also migrated with his wife to Abyssinia.


Sayyidah Umme Salamah – may Allah be pleased with her – narrates, “When my husband decided to migrate to Madina Shareef, he placed me and my child on his camel and prepared to leave. However, as he was leaving Makkah Shareef holding the reins of the camel, the people of Bani Mugheerah happened to see him. They then blocked the road and said to him, ‘We have no control over your life. (In other words, you may go wherever you wish). However, we cannot allow our daughter to leave with you.’ They then grabbed the reins of the camel from his hands and took me along. When the tribe of Abu Salamah, Bani Abdul Asad, heard about this, they approached Bani Mugheerah and said to them, ‘As you people have stolen the wife of our son from him, in like manner, we demand that you give his son to us and we will not allow this son of his to remain with you.’


“They then took away my son from me. I remained with my tribe, Bani Mugheerah, while my husband arrived in Madina Shareef. In this manner, both my son and husband were taken away from me. I was extremely grief stricken and every day, I used to look at the road which led to Madina Shareef waiting for some news. I used to also weep until the evening every day for nearly a year. One day, one of my cousins walked past and saw me in this state. He then approached the other members of the tribe and said, ‘Why are your people stopping this poor lady? You have separated her from her husband and son. It is better that you allow her to join her husband.’


“Bani Mugheerah then accepted this request and allowed me to join my husband. At the same time, Bani Abdul Asad also agreed to hand my son back to me. I then took my son and decided to travel to Madina Shareef alone. At the time, there was no one with me.


“When I left Makkah Shareef and arrived at a place called Tan’eem which is about two miles from Makkah Shareef, I met an individual from Bani Abdud Daar whose name was ‘Uthman bin Talha bin Abi Talha. At that time, he had not accepted Islam. He asked me, ‘O daughter of Abu Ummayah! Where do you intend to travel to?’ I said that I was travelling to Madina Shareef to meet my husband. He was surprised that I would undertake such a long journey on my own. I mentioned that besides Allah Almighty and my little son, we had no one else on this journey.


“He then said, ‘By Allah Almighty, it is not proper that you should be left alone in this state.’ He then held the reins of the camel and walked forward.”


Later on, explaining the immense favour of this person, she explains, “I have never seen someone as kind as Uthman bin Talha among the Arabs.”


She explains about the journey, “When the time came to rest, he used to make the camel sit on the floor. He moved to the back so that I could jump off the camel. He used to then take the camel and tie it to the nearest tree and sleep under the shade of this tree. When the time came to leave, he brought the camel to me and also moved to the back so that I could jump on the camel. He then grabbed the reins and we continued in this manner until we reached Madina Shareef. When we arrived in Quba and we were able to see the area where the Bani Amar bin Auf were living, he said to me, ‘Look sister! Your husband has arrived in this city. Take the Name of the Allah Almighty and travel to that place’. He then returned to Makkah Shareef.”


Hadrat Sayyiduna Uthman bin Talha – may Allah be pleased with him – accepted Islam after the treaty of Hudaybiyah. In fact, both him and Hadrat Sayyiduna Khalid bin Waleed – may Allah be pleased with him – travelled together to Madina Shareef to accept Islam. At the conquest of Makkah Shareef, the keys of the Ka’ba were given to him and his cousin Shaybah by the Holy Prophet – may Allah Almighty’s peace and blessings be upon him.

(Al Bidaayah wan Nihaayah, 4/534)