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It is reported that Yahya bin Ishaq was a very well qualified physician and it is also reported that he used to prepare his own medication. One day, while he was sitting in his shop, the Janaza of a certain person went pass. When he saw the Janaza, he said to the people carrying the Janaza, “This person whom you are carrying is actually alive and it is not permissible upon you to bury this person”.


When the people carrying the Janaza heard this, they said to themselves, “There is nothing harmful in what this person is saying. Let us show him the deceased so that he can be examined. At the same time, it would be proven whether the person is actually dead or not. If the person is alive, the doctor would be proven correct and if not, there would be no harm caused.”


When the people inquired further from the doctor, he informed them that they should take the body back home and that he would be coming to visit them. When the doctor arrived, he removed the Kafan and took the body into the bathroom. He then poured hot water over the person. He also placed some medicinal powder and other medication into some warm water and poured this over the body as well. After a few minutes, the people were surprised to see that there was a slight movement in the body. The doctor was extremely happy when he saw this. The doctor then continued to take care of the body until the person had fully recovered.


This incident merely proved the expertness of the doctor and this news began to spread like wild fire among the people. Finally, when people asked the doctor how he had come to know or realize that the person was still alive, he replied, “I noticed that his feet were still upright. In fact, the feet of a dead person collapses. That is how I released that this person was still alive and it seems like my estimation was correct.”