Download PDF: Patience & Humility (Story Selected from the Masnavi of Rumi)

Hazrat Moosa – peace be upon him – used to perform the duty of managing the flock of goats for Hazrat Sho’aib – peace be upon him – prior to being appointed as a Prophet.  One day, a goat broke away from the herd and wandered off somewhere.  Hazrat Moosa – peace be upon him – went quite far searching for her in the jungle which caused swelling in his feet and they got injured.  The goat was also tired and stood in a place and hence, Hazrat Moosa – peace be upon him – got a grip over her.  He began to dust off the dirt on her back and caressed her on her head like a mother instead of getting angry and ill-treating her for making him run this far and thus getting hurt.  His heart softened looking at her pain and tears rolled down his eyes.  The goat said, “Suppose that you did not care about my injuries and ran after me and that is how you ended up making me tired but why didn’t you feel sorry for yourself?  You did not feel sorry for the injuries of my feet but you should have at least felt sorry for yourself.”

Allah Almighty said to the angels at that time, that Hazrat Moosa – peace be upon him – is suitable for Prophethood.  The courage and inspiration which is required in order to carry the burden of the problems from a nation and patience and humility on it is found in his heart.


Many Prophets have looked after goats prior to becoming a Prophet, for it reveals their nature of being patient and humble.  It creates patience and humility in one’s heart.



  • One gains the goodness of both worlds by showing mercy towards Allah’s creation.