Download PDF: The Beauty of Repenting in Allah’s Court in Youth

It is said that there was once a young man in Basrah whose name was Ridwaan. Most of the day was spent in play and sport and the night was spent in drinking and other vices. There is no doubt that the satan had misled this young man. One day, while sitting with his friends, he saw an old man walking past who was reading the following verses whose meaning was:

“When you are isolated from the world, do not claim that you are alone, declare that someone is watching over you and do not for one second believe that the Almighty azza wa jall is not watching every action and movement of yours.” Strangely, when he heard these words, the young man began to weep. He then requested the old man to read it once more which he did and he also asked the old man to enter into their company. He then asked the old man to utter a few words which would be able create a spiritual impact on them and again asked the old man to read a few more lines. The old man then read, “You are eating the sustenance given to you by Allah azza wa jall and still you continue to disobey Him. When you hide among His creation, still, He is able to see you. Desist from disobeying Him for He is watching and knows who you are.”


He heard these words and collapsed!

The young man again began to weep and fell to the floor. He then broke all the containers of alcohol and turning to the old man, he asked, “Ya Sayyidi, will my sins be pardoned?” The old man replied, “This is the moment when your sins will be pardoned. This is that special moment which He has given to you, therefore make sincere Taubah.”

The same night, while in this state of making Taubah, the young man passed away.

(Roudul Faa’iq).


This is the greatness of the Almighty azza wa jall, He does not look at your external state, He does not look at how much money you have or how powerful you are in the world. He looks at the state of your heart. If there is even the slightest degree of sincerity within it, it is worth much more than gold and silver.