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Q:        What are His excellences prior to arriving in the world?

A:        He has a great amount of excellences, and some of them are the following few:

  1. His was the first to be created in the world of souls.
  2. He was the first one to be blessed with Prophethood.
  3. His name was written on the Holy ‘Arsh.
  4. On the day of oath He was the first one to respond in conformity by saying, “Yes, of course.”
  5. He is the ultimate objective behind the creation of universe.
  6. The glad tidings of His arrival and his praises in the former books.

(Nashr Al-Teeb p. 184)


Q:        What are some of the excellences which were bestowed upon Him after his arrival

In the world?

A:        Few of them are the following few:

  1. His purest body was free from any impurities at the time of birth.
  2. When He was born He was in Sajdah lifting His Shahaadah finger up towards the sky.
  3. His blessed mother saw a light at the time of His birth in which she saw the palaces of Kisra.
  4. To draw the movement of moon by His finger from his cradle.
  5. The ability to see behind His back as clear as He would see in the front.
  6. Sweetening the salty water by the touch of His blessed saliva.
  7. Quenching the thirst of children just by tasting His blessed saliva.
  8. No hair on His armpit and it was fair and glowing.
  9. His blessed voice having the ability to travel long distance with crisp clarity.
  10. His ability to hear the sounds from a great distance which none can.
  11. He never yawned all his life.
  12. He never had wet dreams all his life.
  13. His sweat was of a sweeter fragrance compared to musk.
  14. His faeces and urines used to be swallowed by the ground without even leaving a mark.
  15. Clouds providing shade for him while he walked in the sun.
  16. Whenever he sat under a tree it bent for him.
  17. His shadow would not cast on the ground.
  18. Fly etc. never sat on his clothes or body.
  19. Whenever He sat on an animal it would not urinate or answer call of nature (needless of it).
  20. His journey of Me’raj
  21. Being blessed by seeing Allah Almighty.
  22. Angels partaking in the battles and helping Him and Sahaba.
  23. Splitting the moon in two halves.
  24. Making the entire surface of the earth a place of Sajdah for him.
  25. His private parts were never exposed all his life.
  26. Him being the best of all the creation.
  27. He saw Hazrat Jibreel – peace be upon Him – in his original form.
  28. Only his eyes slept but his heart was always awake.

(Tafseer ‘Azeezi Vol. 3, p. 218)

  1. His name in Azan and Iqaamah.
  2. He was granted such a book which is a miracle from every perspective.
  3. Sadaqah being invalid for him.
  4. His pure wives were Haraam for Ummah for eternity.
  5. His Enemies would fear Him when at a great distance.
  6. He was blessed with Jawaami’ Al-Kalim (A very great communication quality)
  7. He was appointed as a Nabi upon the entire creation.
  8. Prophethood ended with him.
  9. His followers are greater in number than the followers of all the other Prophets.

(Nashr Al-Teeb p. 184)


Q:        What are some excellences that will be bestowed upon Him on the Day of


A:        We cannot contain all but some are the following few:

  1. He will be the first to come out of His grave.
  2. He will be the first to gain consciousness from His unconsciousness.
  3. He will arrive at the plain of judgement on Buraaq accompanied by 70,000 angels for His honour.
  4. Maqaame Mahmood will be granted to him.
  5. He will sit on the right side of the ‘Arsh.
  6. The flag of Hamd will be in His hand.
  7. Hazrat Adam – peace be upon Him – and all His descendants will be under His flag.
  8. Every Prophet will follow Him with His nation.
  9. Allah sight will be granted to Him first.
  10. The greatest intercession will be exclusive to Him.
  11. He will be the first to take His Ummah through PulSiraat.
  12. The gates of paradise will first be opened for Him.

(Tafseer ‘Azeezi Vol. 30, p. 218; Kanzul ‘Ummaal Vol. 11, p. 403)


Q:        What are some excellences that are bestowed upon His Ummah alone through His blessings that were not applicable for other nations?

A:        Some of them are the following few:

  1. Salah being valid on the entire surface of earth.
  2. The manner of their rows in Salah to be as same as those of the angels.
  3. Friday as the day of a specific form of worship.
  4. A specific moment for acceptance throughout the whole day of Friday.
  5. The permission of Sahri for fasting.
  6. The Night of Power in the month of Ramadan.
  7. Evil-whispering and forgetfulness not considered as sin.
  8. Elimination of tough practices.
  9. Prohibition of pictures (of living).
  10. Consensus being a source of proof which eliminates the possibility of any misguidance.
  11. Differences in derived rulings to be a mercy.
  12. Discontinuation of the punishments which the former nations suffered.
  13. Ulama enabled to do the work that Ambiya used to do.
  14. The group that will be on truth will prevail till the day of Judgement by the divine help of Allah Almighty.

(Nashr Al-Teeb 185)

  1. The Ummah being a witness over the nations of other Prophets as Allah Almighty has declared.

(Rooh Al-Ma’aani Vol. 2, p. 5)