Download PDF: Did You Know – Hazrat Khwaja Mu’eenuddeen Chishti Hasan Sanjari Ajmeri Ghareeb Nawaaz – may Allah be pleased with him

Q:        Where is the Mazaar Shareef of Hazrat Khwaja Saheb?

A:        In Ajmer, Rajasthan (India).


Q:        Where and when was He born?

A:        In a town called “Sijistaan” or “Seestaan” in the year 536 A.H. while some have quoted 530 A.H. as well.


Q:        What is His father’s name?

A:        Khawaajah Ghiyaathuddeen – may Allah be pleased with Him.


Q:        What did Khawaja Saheb inherited from his father’s assets?

A:        A garden and a water turbine.


Q:        What is the name of the Murshid and Peer of Khawaja Saheb?

A:        Hazrat Khwaja Uthmaan Harooni – may Allah be pleased with him.


Q:        When did Khwaja Saheb arrive in Ajmer?

A:        In the year 561 A.H.


Q:        Who was the ruling authority when He arrived in Ajmer?

A:        Prithvi Raj Chauhan.


Q:        What was Khawaja Saheb’s wife’s name?

A:        Hazrat Bibi Amatullah – may Allah be pleased with Her.


Q:        What was his daughter’s name?

A;        Hazrat Haafiza Jamaal – may Allah be pleased with Her.


Q:        Where is the Mazar Shareef of Hazrat Haafiza Jamaal’s husband?

A:        In Nagaur Shareef, Rajasthan.


Q:        What are the names of Hazrat Khwaja Saheb’s sons?

A:        Shaikh Husaamuddeen, Shaikh Fakhruddeen, Shaikh Abu Sa’eed – may Allah be pleased with Them.


Q:        When did Hazrat Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaaz pass away?

A;        On 6 Rajab, year 633 A.H. and some have mentioned 627 A.H.


Q:        Which sentence was recited, and was visible on His forehead at the time of his Janazah?

A:        The following sentence was visible and recited at that time:

ھٰذَا حَبِیْبُ اللّٰہِ مَاتَ فِیْ حُبِّ اللّٰہِ

This is Allah’s beloved.  He died in Allah’s love.


Q:        Which Wali delivers the service of guiding the lost in the streets of Ajmer?

A:        Hazrat Abdullah Bayabaani – may Allah be pleased with Him – who used to be present in the court of Khawaja Saheb in the night of Jumu’ah.


Q:        Who filled a whole pool of Anasaagar in His bowl?

A:        Hazrat Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaaz – may Allah be pleased with Him.


Q:        Which magician embraced Islam on Hazrat Khawaja Saheb’s hands?

A:        Hazrat Abdullah Bayabaani, who was formerly known as Jogi Jaipal.


(Islami Ma’loomaat Ka Encyclopaedia p. 352-354)