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Story of Prophets

Hazrat Moosa & Khidhr – peace be upon Them (A Quranic Story)

Download PDF: Hazrat Moosa & Khidhr – peace be upon Them (A Quranic Story) After the incident of the red sea Nile where the entire army of Pharaoh was destroyed, Nabi Moosa alaihis Salaam once asked the Almighty azza wa jall,... Continue Reading →

Oppression of As’haab al-Ukhdood (Quranic Story)

Download PDF: Oppression of Ahsaab Al-Ukhdood (Quranic Story) The Mufassireen have difference of opinions regarding Ashaab Al-Ukhdood and their story. The narration of Hazrat Suhaib – may Allah be pleased with Him – in this regard is that it was a... Continue Reading →

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