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Interesting Facts from Hanafi Fiqh – Episode #2

Download PDF: Interesting Facts from Hanafi Fiqh – Episode #2 Bones are the foods of Jinn and the stools and droppings of our animals are food for their animals. It is narrated in the Hadeeth that when the delegation of JInns... Continue Reading →

Interesting Facts from Hanafi Fiqh – Episode #1

Download PDF: Interesting Facts from Hanafi Fiqh – Episode #1 The devil tries his best to destroy the Iman at the time of death. Hazrat Imam Ibn Al-Haaj – may Allah shower mercy upon him – writes: When the time of... Continue Reading →

Non-Halaal Parts in The Bodies of Halaal Animals (Hanafi)

Download PDF: Non-Halaal Parts In The Bodies of Halaal Animals All the parts of a Halaal animal are Halaal except some, which are either Haraam or Makrooh/undesirable: The blood that runs through the veins Gallbladder Bladder Male and Female organs Testicles... Continue Reading →

Shariah Laws Regarding Dealings with Non-Muslims

Download PDF: Shariah Laws Regarding Dealings with Non-Muslims.pdf Islamic Rulings About Greetings: Q: What are all the Masaail (rulings) related to Salaam? A: There are many masaail regarding Salaam; ask what you would like to find out. Most probably, you would... Continue Reading →

Shariah Update for Fasting

Download PDF: shariah update for fasting Q:- What is the Shariah ruling regarding the fasts of Ramadan? A:- Ramadan is Fard on every sane person, having attained puberty both male and female Muslims. (Fatawat ‘Aalamgiri, Vol. 1, p. 194)   Q:-... Continue Reading →

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