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Ramadan Kareem – The 9th Month of Islamic Calendar

Download PDF: Ramadan Kareem – The 9th Month of Islamic Calendar The ninth month in the Islamic calender is the blessed month of Ramadaanul Mubaarak. The word Ramadan is extracted from the root word, “Ramdun” which means “to burn”. Since in... Continue Reading →

Al Wadaa’, O The Beloved Month of Ramadan!

Download PDF: Al Wadaa', O The Beloved Month of Ramadan!.pdf اَلْوَدَاعُ یَا شَھْرَ رَمَضَانَ Farewell, O the month of Ramadan. اَلْوَدَاعُ یَا شَھْرَ الصِّیَامِ Farewell, O the month of fasts. اَلْوَدَاعُ یَاشَھْرَالْقُرْاٰنِ Farewell, O the month of Quran. اَلْوَدَاعُ یَا شَھْرَ... Continue Reading →

Shariah Update for Fasting

Download PDF: shariah update for fasting Q:- What is the Shariah ruling regarding the fasts of Ramadan? A:- Ramadan is Fard on every sane person, having attained puberty both male and female Muslims. (Fatawat ‘Aalamgiri, Vol. 1, p. 194)   Q:-... Continue Reading →

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