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People of cave

An inspirational Quranic Speech about Ashaab al-Kahf

Download PDF: An inspirational Quranic Speech about Ashaab al-Kahf Due to the preaching of Nabi ‘Isa - peace be upon him, the so called priests of the Jews and the rich among them became ardent enemies of Nabi ‘Isa - peace... Continue Reading →

Did You Know – As’haabe Kahf (The People of Cave)

Download PDF: Did You Know – As’haabe Kahf (The Peaple of Cave) Q:        How many were the people “of cave” in number? A:        They were 7.   Q:        What were their names? A:        1.  Yamleekha   Maksalmina   Tartoos   Nabyoonus... Continue Reading →

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