Download PDF: Salah behind Wahabies (Fatwa from Hazrat Allamah Shah Turaabul Haq Saheb)

Q:      Can the people, who go to perform Hajj, pray Salah behind the Imam who happens to be someone that does not follow any of the four Imams?


A:      Salah of a Sunni is only valid behind a Sunni, and not behind any other sect.  When it was the Turkish rule prior to this Saudi era, they had made such good arrangements that there were four Salah congregations; Hanbali, Maaliki, Hanafi, Shafe’I, around the Holy Ka’bah.  So the follower of each Imam could perform Salah behind his Imam, therefore there was no issue whatsoever.  Since, they have taken over, and I have mentioned it quite often, people forget the history, which is that the Turkish rule was the rule of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah.  Aale Sa’ood and Aale Shaykh took the rulership away from them.  Aale Sa’ood are the current kings, and that is the reason after naming it Saudi Arabia, because he had taken over the Islamic rulership by force, and Aale Shaykh are the children of Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhaab, and are called Aale Shaykh.  They made an agreement prior to attacking the Sacred Haram that, they would jointly attack Makkah Mukarramah and Madinah Munawwarah, and when their government is established, they came to an agreement that Aale Sa’ood will take over the kingdom and rulership, and Aale Shaykh will be the central body dealing with all the religious affairs, including their Imams, jurists, institutes etc.  After this agreement, they attacked Madinah Munawwarah and Makkah Mukarramah.  If any of your relatives live in Saudi Arabia, they will narrate to you that a few years ago, the Saudi government had celebrated their centurial anniversary.  King Abdul Aziz was shown on TV riding on a horse and slaughtering some people with naked sword within the premises of Haram Shareef.  Were they jews that were being murdered inside the Haram Shareef?  No, they were Sunnies being killed.  They slaughtered the Imam of Masjid Nabawi Shareef on the Salah-mat.  Only 200 people attacked Madinah Shareef.  When I visited Madinah Shareef for the first time in the year 1977 and stayed by Qutbe Madinah Shaykh Ziyaa’uddeen Alaihir Rahmah and heard about the history, He (Qutbe Madinah) said, “Only 200 people attacked Madinah Shareef.  The Turkish were such respectful Sunnies that when they were attacked, they surrendered by saying that they will not allow bloodshed within the sacred premises of the beloved Rasool – may Allah send peace and blessings upon him – and embraced martyrdom without defending themselves, and same was the case of Makkah.  They took away the rulership.  People forget everything!

The first thing they did after snatching the rulership, was running bulldozer at Jannat Al-Baqee’ Shareef after the completion of their unjust occupation of Haram Shareef in 1930.  They dug the graves of Jannat Al-Baqee’, dug the graves of Ahle Bait, they flattened the most beautiful Mazaar of Hazrat Uthmaan Ghani – may Allah be pleased with him – to the ground.  Then they demolished the Mazaars of Jannat Al-Ma’la shareef.  They demolished all these Mazaars, and the Najdis of that time used to say, “This green dome is the biggest idol.” Allah forbid! But they could not succeed in its demolition.  The demolition of Jannat Al-Ma’la took place in the time of Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar, Allamah Abdul Hamid Badayooni, Allamah Abdul Aleem Siddeequi.  There was a journalist by the name Riyaazul Hasan or Riyaazul Husain, whose interview was published approximately 30 years ago in the newspaper “Jang”.  He was a member of the delegates that went to Saudi Arabia to protest.  India was undivided at that time.  The Saudi government promised them at that time to reconstruct them.  The stones you observe at the Mazaars of those predecessors for identification purposes, so one may recognize that certain grave was the Mazaar of Sayyidah Fatimah Zahra or Imam Hasan, it’s the outcome of that time, so one could identify the Mazaars, but they did not fulfill their promise of reconstructing the Mazaars.  The Tomb of Hazrat Khadeejah Al-Kubra was very beautifully built in Jannat Al-Ma’la, if someone has time, come and I will show you all those pictures taken prior to the demolition.  Now, you decide, those who slaughtered thousands of Muslims, captured Makkah and Madinah Shareef.  You have forgotten everything!  And you still dare say, “Why can’t we pray behind them?”  We do not pray behind them because they consider us, the people of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah, as polytheists in beliefs.  Now, you tell me, would you pray behind someone who calls Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah polytheists?  That is why we do not pray behind them!  If anyone wants to study the case of factual history, then study the book of our great scholar Allamah Abdul Qayyoom, “Tareekhe Najdo Hijaaz”, well, that was the work of us molvis.  Who was Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhaab?  Search on internet for “Ham fray ke E’terafaat”.  Who was this Ham fray?  Seven spies who destroyed the Turkish rulership, six of them were male and one female.  They went to Istanbul and caused division.  Ham fray actually studied Darse Nizaami (Alim course) by a Shaykh in Istanbul, and studied Arabic language as well, and then spied.  He said, “Whenever someone suspected me of spying, I quickly used to begin communicating in Arabic.”  He revealed the secrets of Abdul Wahhaab in his book “Humphrey ke E’teraafaat”, which is also published in Arabic from Kuwait, and also from London, to where those spies belonged.  If you go to a British embassy you will find this book there in English.  Some Professor from Pakistan translated it into Urdu as well, you may find it in some book stores.  It entails the entire chapter of Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhaab and how he misled him, debated with him and convinced him that alcohol is not prohibited but it’s permissible, and then he told him that Mut’ah (Marrying someone for an appointed duration, long or short) is not Mansookh (its ruling is not abrogated in Islamic Shariah), ultimately he made him make Mut’ah with a British spy who was actually the seventh spy with him.  He made him lose himself in her beauty, and on top of that, he flattered him by saying, “You are a great servant of Allah.  You are like Hazrat Umar Farooq, and Allah Almighty will appoint you for a cause that He would likely do by appointing Hazrat Umar Farooq.”

If you do not believe me, then listen to this British man.  The book is available on internet.  In the Kuwaiti version, it even has a picture of Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhaab in army-uniform.  So, these are Aale Shaykh and Aale Sa’ood, and poor simple Muslims think that because this is Allah’s house, so the Imam here will also be someone very prominent and holy.  We do not pray behind them because of what their evil actions.  I have mentioned it at numerous occasions, one may go on the  internet and listen to it.  If I keep on repeating it, other queries will remain unanswered.  I will also respond to all your other queries.